NowSpace is pleased to present:

Gilbert Johnquest
I did it on purpose: California Landscapes
March 11 -  April 23

Photos by: Josh Schaedel


My voice is small it’s large
I am not mute yet I can’t hear my voice inside
thought that held food only a few years ago or was it twenty
I did it on purpose.
I paint, draw and put things together.
Glue, canvas, wood, steel, found things, paint, chalk, crayon, pencil…
I place things I find them, and more things
Piles and piles.
For new directions to work things out.
I am not anti social media but sometimes I am anti social .
My visual work cannot be expressed by my written work.
Interpretations of what I think I see in passing valued by someone or not.
Morph and change.
Jump on a bandwagon hold on tight cause it’s invisible
I fall I get up or is it we fall we get up.
Look we are driving out to where you just see ridge lines and odd structures that might never have been used.
The chain link trims it up neat but not always.

Is it pretense to code a statement in poetics
Or is it pretentious to be clear?