Everybody's One Big Soul
October 28—December 16,  2016

NowSpace is pleased to present Everybody's One Big Soul, an exhibition by artist in residence, Amy Johnquest.  Johnquest will be presenting a site-specific installation of discarded found objects and antique cabinet card portraits of people long gone. Through the artist’s consideration and paint these pieces of ephemera are revitalized, given a resurrection of sorts, while carefully preserving their souls.  

Much of Johnquest’s work is rooted in historical advertising for sideshows and traveling carnivals. She gave herself the moniker BannerQueen in 1999, a time when her practice primarily focused on creating work that tipped its hat heavily toward large old sideshow signage. Advertising references, text and wordplay continue to influence Johnquest’s work along with culling sources from recent history, the past, present (and somewhat the future) humor, and the cosmic curiosity of life.

Spencer Moody
Can We Acknowledge That Language Has Failed
October 28—December 16, 2016

NowSpace is pleased to present an exhibition with Spencer Moody, Can We Acknowledge That Language Has Failed.  Moody will be experimenting with the language of mediums and time based work, creating a series of still life paintings based on his own assemblage sculptures.  Using the gallery as a sparse studio space (his own he considers to be a distraction to this process) and with an intentionally limited amount of time, he will, in his own words, "attempt to create works that express empathetic and universal ideas where verbal language has failed. A singular idea is presented in different dimensions and mediums creating an expanded way for viewers to relate to the work. This is also a way to have the same idea existing simultaneously in two places. Like the sculptures have an alternate self in another world.”


Installation photographs courtesy of Josh Schaedel.